Geoff Hunt

Geoff Hunt graduated with a BSc in Civil Engineering (1983) and has since had a very successful career in Civil and Structural Engineering.  

Geoff Hunt"I left Swansea in 1983 and, in a variety of roles and jobs, have spent my whole career in civil and structural engineering. Although it’s a while since I designed anything!

I spent the first 5 years with a civil engineering contractor, having turned down a graduate position with British Rail. Working in all weathers in Wales, Bristol and London I learned very quickly planning and management, the importance of accuracy and most importantly the power of good communication skills and what happens if you get it wrong. From there I left contracting to join a small consulting engineer in Exeter. Here I learned the importance of how a design is only a good design if the designer works out how it can be built-safely, cost effectively, to programme and maintainable. From those consultancy beginnings I returned to Wales moving to a larger consultancy where, in the depths of the 1990s recession I developed business development skills and team leadership as we built a business in a very competitive market place that was full of established players. After a brief period as a Property Director of an outsourcing company, I joined Arup in 2002 in Cardiff to develop our Project Management business,  lead large engineering projects and, after a year in South Africa leading one of the business units there, became commercial director for the UK Building consultancy business.    

In a couple of months I become the Chief Operating Officer for Arup in UK, Middle East and Africa with full operational responsibilities for a business with 5,000 staff and fee income of £600m.

So-still in engineering but getting more distant from design and construction. And I love every minute of it!"