Dave Cornthwaite

Dave Cornthwaite Dave Cornthwaite graduated from Swansea in 2004, having read International Development Studies. What followed for Dave, was not your typical graduate job. Dave has developed a career as an adventurer, author and motivational speaker. He says “I’m self employed and make a living from stories generated by long-distance non-motorised journeys I embark on. I write books and am a regular on the speaking circuit – a long way away from studying International Development at Swansea”.

Dave is currently embarking on his Expedition 1000 project which will see him complete twenty five separate journeys of at least 1,000 miles in length, each one using a different method of non-motorised transport. He hopes to raise £1 million for his selected charities by the end of the project. To date, Dave has skateboarded 3,621 miles across Australia; rode a tandem bike 1,396 miles from Vancouver to Las Vegas and paddled 2,404 miles down the Mississippi River on a Stand Up Paddleboard. In March 2012, Dave sailed 3,000 miles from Mexico to Hawaii. Ideas for future expeditions include roller blades, stilts, zorb and kite surfing!

When asked what the most challenging aspects of his job, his answer is surprisingly not surviving in remote areas or constantly pushing his body and mind to the limit, but finding a balance when returning to the UK after an expedition. However Dave says “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else...I’m passionate about my life and the things I do, I get to see the world, I can’t remember the last time I was bored”.

Dave also kept himself busy at University by joining a number of societies and organising many sporting and charity events. He was editor and sub-editor of the Students’ Union newspaper, Waterfront; saying “Editing the student paper was a cool experience. They were a great group of people, we were constantly creative, and I developed skills that I still use today”. Dave’s advice for current students and new graduates is to “find your talent and ability, nurture it and chase a job that makes you happy. That doesn’t necessarily mean finding someone to employ you”.

To keep up-to-date with Dave’s adventures, visit www.davecornthwaite.com

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