Swansea University networking events in the U.S.

Swansea University graduates living and working in the U.S. were given an opportunity to reconnect and reminisce with their peers in a series of alumni networking events, this October and November.

US Event 2017The events were coordinated by alumnus Nirmal Choubey who graduated with aMechanical Engineering  degree from Swansea in 1967.

One of the events took place at Zerza Manhattan, a restaurant in New York’s East Village on 21 October.  The event was hosted by Daniel Ray who graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree in 1965 and John Bishop, an Anthropology alumnus.  Around 25 alumni of all age groups who had graduated across a range of subjects attended to network, and reflect on how the University has changed since their time at Swansea.

Swansea alumni had another opportunity to get together on 1 November in California.  Attended by 16 alumni from over the years, the event was hosted by Phil Hughes, who graduated from Swansea in 1965 with an Electrical Engineering degree.

These events always generate a huge amount of goodwill, with former students showing great fondness towards Swansea University and their time spent here.  Bringing students together is an excellent opportunity to network and kindle relationships with other alumni, especially if they graduated with degrees from corresponding or complementary disciplines.

Alumni Julie Mon (American Studies 2010), Dyfrig Mon (Physics 2009) Toni Lakin  (Geography 2005) and Ken Lightfoot (PhD History 2006) will be supporting Nirmal Choubey by hosting a further networking event in Philadephia on 3 February 2018. 

If you are interested in attending this event please contact the Development and Engagement Office: daro@swansea.ac.uk.

The University’s Development and Engagement Office plan to visit the US in 2018 to host a number of networking events.  If you are interested in hosting an event in your area we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please email as above.