Visa/CAS letter for international students

Applying for a visa to study in the UK

As an international student you will probably need a student visa to allow you to study in the UK.  This page explains what documents you will need to obtain your visa under the UK Points Based Immigration System. 

Swansea University asks for a deposit from all (non-EEA) International students as a result of the Tier 4 visa arrangements. You must pay a £2000 deposit before we can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Further details can be found below.

When you apply for your visa you will need:

  • A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number from your chosen University (the UK student visa will include the name of your chosen University, so you should make sure you know the university you want to attend before you apply for a visa*)
  • Original copies and certified translations of the documents listed on your CAS statement (e.g. certificates and transcripts)
  • Evidence that you have enough money to pay the first year of your course tuition fees (the amount quoted on your offer letter, minus any deposit you have paid the University or any bursary you have been offered)
  • Evidence that you have enough money to cover your living expenses in the UK:
    • £800 for every month of the course up to a maximum of 9 months;
    • £7200 for the first year if your course lasts for more than a year;
    • £1600 if you have just finished a course in the UK lasting 6 months or more and you are extending an existing student visa. 
  • This money must have been in a bank account in your name for at least 28 days before you apply for a visa OR in an account held by your parent/s or legal guardian.
  • If you choose to use the bank account of your parents you must include with your visa application an original birth certificate or certificate of guardianship as well as a letter from your parent/guardian stating that the money is to be used for your studies.
  • Alternatively, if you have an official financial sponsor or a loan in your name, you must provide a letter from your financial sponsor stating that they will pay the course fee and living expenses of at least £800 per month. Please note that the letter must be from an ‘official financial sponsor', i.e. Her Majesty’s Government, your home government, the British Council or an internationally recognised company, organisation, University or Independent School – other types of sponsor will not be accepted by the UKBA as evidence of sponsorship. If your financial sponsor is covering only part of your tuition fees and/or maintenance you must show you have the rest of the money needed.
  • If you have dependants, you will need to show that you have more money available to support them.  Please see  for details.

More information on the money you will need can be found at:

When will you be sent your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number/statement by Swansea?

We will email you a statement containing your CAS number within 6 months of the start date of the course and once you have done all of the following:

  • Been made an unconditional offer of a place (or have met all of the terms of your conditional offer);
  • Have paid a £2000 deposit towards your tuition fees or provided us with a letter from your official financial sponsor responsible for paying your fees (see below for details on how to pay your deposit);
  • Accepted your offer by signing and sending back the acceptance letter;
  • Completed and returned your Tier 4 Previous Study Questionnaire;
  • Provided the Admissions Office with a photocopy of your passport;

Please note: Once all of these have been done, the Admissions Office will prepare your CAS statement. As deposit payments take a number of days to clear (and for the Finance Department to inform the Admissions Office of your payment), a CAS statement will take between 5-10 working days following receipt of all the above mentioned documents. We will e-mail you or your designated agent a copy of your statement containing your CAS number.  You will not need an original copy of the letter.

** Please note that although the CAS is valid for 6 months from date of issue, you cannot apply for your visa until 3 months prior to the start of the course.

What will my CAS statement say?

  • Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number;
  • Your personal details (full name, nationality, passport number);
  • Swansea University’s Sponsor Licence Number (SLN);
  • Details about your course (course name and level, start and end dates, mode of study);
  • Finances (tuition fees, amount of deposit paid or the name of your sponsor);
  • Details of the documents we saw when we made your offer (you must take the originals and certified translations of these documents with you when you apply for your visa because they will be checked by the Entry Clearance Officer);
  • Details of any previous study undertaken in the UK;
  • ATAS statement (if appropriate), see for more details.

How can I pay my £2000 deposit?

You should make your payment by wire transfer into Swansea University’s bank account. Here are the bank details you will need:

Lloyds TSB Bank PLC, Oxford Street, Swansea

Sort Code: 30-95-46                  Account Number: 02783215

Swift Code: LOYDGB21101       IBAN NO: GB64LOYD30954602783215

You must quote your student number when making a payment (the number on the top of your offer letter) or we may not be able to match your deposit to your application.

Alternatively you can pay via our on-line payment system ‘Student Pay’

If a government or company are paying your fees you should ask them for a letter confirming this.  You would not normally have to pay a deposit if you are receiving financial support from an official sponsor or from a US Federal Loan.  Unfortunately we do not accept parents or family as sponsors and these are not acceptable for visa purposes.

What if I already have a visa for another University?

If you already have a visa which names a different University, you can still come to Swansea University once we have sent you a CAS statement.  BUT, depending on the date your visa was issued, you may have to ask for permission from the UK Border Agency or apply for a new visa before you can begin your studies at Swansea.

a) If you applied for your current visa between 31st March 2009 and 4th October 2009 inclusive:

You must complete form T4 (PTS) ‘Application for Permission to Switch Tier 4 Educational Sponsor’.



b) If you applied for your current visa on or after 5th October 2009:

You should apply for a new student visa.  You will not be able to start your studies at Swansea until you have a new visa which names Swansea University or you can provide evidence that an application has been submitted (i.e. a valid Swansea University CAS statement and a UK Border Agency receipt or a biometrics invitation letter).

Further advice or information