Visa/CAS letter for international students

Applying for a Visa to study at Swansea University

Swansea University asks for a deposit from all (non-EEA) International students as a result of the Tier 4 visa arrangements. You must pay a £2000 deposit before we can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Further details can be found below.

As an international student you will probably need a student visa to allow you to study in the UK. This page explains what documents you will need to obtain your visa under the UK Points Based Immigration System.

When will you be sent your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number/statement by Swansea University?

We will email you a statement containing your CAS number within 6 months of the start date of the course and once you have done all of the following:

  • Been made an unconditional offer of a place (or have met all of the terms of your conditional offer):
  • Have paid a £2,000 deposit towards your tuition fees (see below for details on how to pay your deposit):
    Have provided us with a letter from your official financial sponsor responsible for paying your fees and/or your maintenance;
    Please note : your financial sponsorship letter must name Swansea University as your chosen institution and must be from an ‘official financial sponsor’, i.e. Her Majesty’s Government, your home government, the British Council or an internationally recognised company, organisation, University or Independent School.
    Other types of sponsor will not be accepted by UK Visas and Immigration as evidence of sponsorship.
  • Accepted your offer by signing and sending back the acceptance letter;
  • Completed and returned your  Previous Study Questionnaire
  • Provided the Admissions Office with a photocopy of your passport.

Please note: Once all of these have been done, the Admissions Office will prepare your CAS statement. As deposit payments take a number of days to clear (and for the Finance Department to inform the Admissions Office of your payment), a CAS statement will take between 5-10 working days following receipt of all the above mentioned documents. We will e-mail you or your designated agent a copy of your statement containing your CAS number. You will not need an original copy of the letter.

**Please note that although the CAS is valid for 6 months from date of issue, you cannot apply for your visa until 3 months prior to the start of the course**

What will my CAS statement say?

  • Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number;
  • Your personal details (full name, nationality, passport number);
  • Swansea University’s Sponsor License Number (SLN);
  • Details about your course (course name and level, start and end dates, mode of study);
  • Finances (tuition fees, amount of deposit paid or the name of your sponsor);
  • Details of the documents we saw when we made your offer (you must take the originals and certified translations of these documents with you when you apply for your visa because they will be checked by the Entry Clearance Officer);
  • Details of any previous study undertaken in the UK;
  • ATAS statement (if appropriate), see for more details;

How can I pay my £2,000 deposit?

Online Payment via your Student Intranet Account:

The online payment facility is now available to all International students (New and Continuing). The facility is available 24/7 and can be accessed via the Swansea University Intranet. 

Payment by International Wire Transfer:

The University has introduced a new system whereby International and EU (except UK) can make tuition fee payments quickly and easily through the University website via GlobalPay. The system is secure, available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and easy to use via Western Union Business Solutions.

Students can choose from one of twelve different languages to guide them through the tuition payment process. Payments can be made through 22 currencies as follows. In these cases the transactions are commission free with no additional bank transfer charges.

Please note that students will not be able to pay through GlobalPay in GBP/Sterling Pounds.

In some cases a student may either have to make a Euro or USD transfer if their local currency option wasn't available. In that case a student may have to pay an international transfer fee and there could be a higher charge for this transfer.

Once logged in to GlobalPay you will get printed instructions on how to make the transfer through your local bank.

In order to finalise a funds transfer to Swansea University a student will need to complete the transfer via Internet Banking or present the bank transfer details to their local bank within 48 hours.

An email will be sent from Western Union Business Solutions once they receive the payment to confirm receipt of funds

Cheques or Bank Drafts:

We also accept cheques or bank drafts made payable to Swansea University. We cannot accept a bank draft made payable to the student. It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive the correct documentation. You can also make payment directly into our bank account but you should remember to quote your student reference number when making a payment.

Lloyds Bank
Oxford Street, Swansea
Sort Code: 30-95-46
Account Number: 02783215
Swift Code: LOYDGB21101
IBAN NO: GB64LOYD30954602783215

Discount incentive for paying your fees in full:

If the personal fee that you are required to pay directly to the University exceeds £8,000 and payment of that fee is made within the first two weeks of your official course start date then you are entitled to receive a discount of 2%. Discount is only made available to students who pay fees personally (it is not available to corporate sponsors).

Further information can be found here.

If a government or company is paying your fees you should ask them for a letter confirming this (see section entitled ‘When will I receive my CAS statement’). You would not normally have to pay a deposit if you are receiving financial support from an official sponsor or from a US Federal Loan. Unfortunately we do not accept parents or family members as sponsors and these are not acceptable for visa purposes.

How can I apply for a Tier 4 (General) visa?

Before you make the application for your Tier 4 visa, you will have to register on the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) website and may have to pay a fee to enable you to use the National Health Service (NHS). It is very important that you do this before you submit your visa application; if you do not, then your visa application will not be granted.

If you are applying for a Tier 4 visa for a course of more than 6 months, you will have to register on the IHS website which will calculate what you have to pay based on the length of your visa. Payment of the fee will then generate a reference number, which you will have to write on the cover of your visa application before you submit it. If you are applying for a Tier 4 visa for a course of less than 6 months, you still have to register on IHS website to obtain a reference number, but do not have to pay the fee. You can find further information about the Immigration Health Surcharge here.

The amount you will have to pay for the Immigration Health Surcharge is calculated as follows:
You will be charged £150 for each full year of your visa. If your visa includes part of a year that is less than 6 months, you will be charged £75 for that period. You will be charged for a whole year if your visa includes part of a year that is more than 6 months. Note that that the surcharge is based upon the length of your visa rather than the length of your course, and will be calculated to include any additional leave granted before the course starts and after the course has ended. If you have any dependants, they will have to pay the same as you.

If you will be applying for your visa from outside the UK please visit for full details of how to submit your application.

If you will be extending for your visa from inside the UK please visit for full details on how to submit your visa application. 
If you will be extending your visa from inside the UK you can make an appointment to see one of our International Student Advisors who can give you free guidance and advice about your application and submit your visa application on your behalf.

To make an appointment please visit the Kier Hardie reception, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, contact the reception by telephone on +44 (0) 1792 602000 or send an email to

If you will be applying to bringing dependants to the UK with you please visit

What if I already have a visa for another University?

If you already have a visa which names a different University, you can still come to Swansea University once we have sent you a CAS statement. BUT, depending on the date your visa was issued, you may have to ask for permission from UK Visas and Immigration or apply for a new visa before you can begin your studies at Swansea.

You will not be able to start your studies at Swansea until you have a new visa which names Swansea University or you can provide evidence that you have made an application (i.e. a valid Swansea University CAS statement and an ISAS application receipt, a UK Visas and Immigration receipt or a biometrics invitation letter).

Further advice or information?

More information on applying for a visa under the new points based system can be found at

If you have specific questions, please e-mail the Admissions Office For undergraduate enquiries please email, for Postgraduate enquiries please email