False or misleading information which comes to light after enrolment

These procedures are to be followed when false or misleading information, provided in support of an application, comes to light after enrolment:

  1. The relevant Admissions Office administrator shall write to the student outlining the discrepancy and requesting the student to submit a written explanation on why false or misleading information has been provided.
  2. On receipt of the response, the Admissions Officer shall in the first instance, refer the case to the Head of Admissions or his/her nominee to consider the evidence. If a valid explanation is received, the case shall be closed.
  3. If an invalid or an inadequate explanation is received, the views of the relevant College officer, as nominated by Head of College, shall be sought.
  4. If it is decided that there is a case to answer, the case shall be referred to be dealt with by a member of the Academic Registry in accordance with the University’s Disciplinary Procedures.
  5. Students may request a final review of the outcome of the disciplinary case in accordance with the University’s Final Review procedures.



November 2013