Complaints procedure

These procedures are for complaints regarding Admissions only

These procedures are to be followed when an applicant wishes to lodge a complaint concerning the University's handling of a query or an application for admission*.

  1. Complaints should be made in writing and referred, in the first instance, to the Head of Admissions.
  2. The Admissions Officer shall reply to the complainant stating that the complaint is being dealt with and that a full, written reply will be sent within 15 working days.
  3. The Head of Admissions, or nominee shall refer the complaint to the appropriate Admissions Tutor/Administrative Officer for comment, together with the original application form and all relevant supporting material.  All papers should be returned to the Admissions Office within 5 working days.
  4. The Head of Admissions, or nominee shall refer the complaint plus departmental comments to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for Admissions, or nominee, who shall advise as to appropriate action.
  5. The Head of Admissions, or nominee shall communicate the final decision to the candidate.

NB complaints may only be submitted by a third party (e.g. school, parent or other representative) with explicit consent, in writing, from the applicant

*Applicants wishing to lodge a complaint about a rejection decision should use either the Appeals Procedure or the Complaints Procedure for Applicants.