Appeals procedure

Appeals procedure for applicants

These procedures are to be followed when a candidate wishes to appeal against a decision by the University not to offer a place, under the following circumstances:

  • where there is significant new information, which for good reason was not made available either on the original application or during the application procedure, and where that new information is significant and directly relevant to the original decision; or
  • where the applicant believes that University and/or departmental admissions principles and procedures have been inconsistently or incorrectly applied. 

Candidates who elect to appeal should normally do so within two weeks of the date of the reject decision.

  1. The candidate shall be required to write to the Head of Admissions with a formal request for his/her application to be reconsidered, together with the reason(s) for the request.
  2. The Head of Admissions, or nominee shall reply to the candidate stating that the appeal is being dealt with and that a decision will be conveyed to the candidate within 15 working days.
  3. The Head of Admissions, or nominee shall refer for comment the request to the relevant Admissions Selector(s), together with the original application form and all relevant supporting material.  The Selector shall be required to review the application to indicate whether or not the original recommendation should be changed and to return all papers to the Head of Admissions, or nominee within 5 working days.
  4. The Head of Admissions, or nominee, shall refer the response of the Selector (and all original application material) to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for Admissions (or nominee) who shall review all of the material and shall decide whether or not to accept the Selector’s recommendation.  The decision of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, or nominee, is final and there is no further right of appeal.
  5. The Head of Admissions, or nominee shall communicate the final outcome to the candidate.

NB appeals may only be submitted by a third party (e.g. school, parent or other representative) with explicit consent, in writing, from the applicant to act on their behalf.