F. Feedback, appeals and complaints

Feedback, appeals and complaints

Applicants who are unsuccessful in securing an offer of a place at the University may request feedback on the reasons for rejection by writing to the Admissions Selector within 28 days of the notification of the decision. Feedback will be provided with reference to the selection criteria for the programme. Applicants may re-apply in the following year, having taken the feedback into consideration.

We aim to consider all applications fairly and effectively in line with our procedures. However, if an applicant is dissatisfied with the outcome or treatment of an application, then he/she should raise the concerns with the Admissions Officer. If, after this, the candidate is still concerned he/she may use the Appeals and Complaints Procedures for Applicants which can be found online at: http://www.swan.ac.uk/admissions/AppealsProcedure/ and http://www.swan.ac.uk/admissions/ComplaintsProcedure/