4. Accreditation of Prior Certificated/Experiential Learning

4. Accreditation of Prior Certificated/Experiential Learning

APcL/APeL exemptions for programmes which are subject to professional statutory or regulatory requirements will have specific requirements. Applicants should consult the relevant Admissions Tutor for further advice.

4.1 Application Process

Applicants who wish to make an APcL/APeL application are encouraged to contact the relevant programme Admissions Tutor for an informal discussion prior to submitting an application.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit evidence in support of their claim for Accreditation of Prior Learning.

APcL/APeL applications will be assessed individually. Applicants must demonstrate that relevant learning experience has been gained. This could be via one or more of the following, as determined by the relevant Admissions Tutor:

a. undertaking one or more approved assessments for each module (this could be standard assessments or supplementary examinations; or specifically designed and approved assessments etc); or

b. submitting a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that they have met the learning outcomes of the module(s) and the applicant's personal reflection of how the experience has furthered his/her understanding of the relevant subject area: this may include confirmation from line managers of the job description/ responsibilities and applicant’s abilities.

  • The College will make an initial assessment to determine if the applicant has sufficient relevant experience to complete a portfolio.
  • The College will ensure that APcL/APeL applicants who are allowed to produce a portfolio receive adequate guidance about what is required before starting work (structure, word length etc.) They will support the applicant (within specified boundaries) with the production of their portfolio.
  • The College will notify APcL/APeL applicants and Admissions of any additional assessment tools to be used when assessing APcL/APeL claims (e.g. interviews, diagnostic tests, special assignments).
  • The College will ensure that applicants are fully aware of the demands of an APcL/APeL claim prior to application and that they understand that completion of a portfolio does not guarantee that exemption will be granted.
  • On submission of the portfolio the College will determine if the evidence provided demonstrates that an applicant has met learning outcomes of the Swansea modules for which exemption is sought and make an APcL/APeL recommendation to the Matriculation Sub-Committee.

APcL/APeL applications may take up to 10 weeks to complete.


4.2 Fees and charges

An administrative charge will be made for APcL/APeL applications on a per module basis – of 10% of the module fee, whether or not the application is successful.

4.3 Degree Classification

APcL/APeL credits would normally be assigned a pass/fail grade rather than a mark.

Only the marks from modules studied at Swansea will be used to calculate the degree classification, and not the APcL/APeL credits.

Where an entire undergraduate year had been Recognised the following statement would appear on the transcript: “Credit exemption from the early stage of the programme of study has been granted, based on study elsewhere, a previous qualification or relevant work experience.”

For any Accreditation of individual credits (less than an entire year of study) the number of Credits would appear on the transcript.