3. Credit Transfer

Specific credit may be awarded for programmes which form part of a degree/higher education qualification, that carry a credit rating and are clearly comparable in level, academic standard, content and learning outcomes to an equivalent award at Swansea University.

There must be an appropriate match in both level and content between the applicant’s previous studies and modules for which they are seeking exemption. The Admissions Tutor must ensure that the learning derived from these previous studies is equivalent to the learning that might otherwise have been achieved by following the full programme of study.

Applicants must note, however, that exemption from credits on their intended programme of study at Swansea University is not guaranteed and may not necessarily directly reflect the value/level of the general credit assigned to their current/previous qualification by the validating body, i.e. it may be less.

Exemption is not normally awarded for programmes/qualifications that were awarded five years or more prior to the enrolment date for the intended programme of study. It would be considered exceptionally where the applicant can provide supporting evidence which gives an account of ways in which learning achieved through the programme/qualification has been applied actively and updated within the past five years.

Exemption may not normally be granted where a student has previously registered for and failed part of an award and wishes to seek readmission to the same or a similar award.

Requests for exemption will be considered from students who had previously studied at Swansea and exited with an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma and who request to return to complete the degree, but not from those who had gained an exit award on the basis of academic failure.

Credits which have contributed to a full award will be accepted if the previous award is forfeited and the certificate returned to the awarding institution (wherever possible).

3.1 Application process

Applicants who are unsure whether or not their previous studies are a close enough match to the Swansea University qualification towards which they are claiming credit are encouraged to contact the relevant programme Admissions Tutor for an informal discussion prior to submitting an application for Credit Transfer.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit evidence in support of their claim for Credit Transfer. Supporting evidence is likely to include an academic transcript and programme syllabus, but the relevant Admissions Tutor will advise the applicant of the specific documentation required.

a. Undergraduate applications for “Direct Entry” to year 2 (or year 3)

Undergraduate applicants wishing to apply for direct entry to year 2 of a programme should indicate their desired year of entry in the ‘point of entry’ section of the UCAS/On Track application form and send supporting evidence to the Admissions Office.

If an applicant requests direct entry to year 2 or 3 on their application form, the Admissions Office will make an initial assessment of the form as usual and will highlight the point of entry information for the attention of the Admissions Tutor. If there is insufficient supporting evidence of the applicant’s previous study, the Admissions Office should inform the Admissions Tutor of this and the applicant should be asked to provide additional evidence.

It is the responsibility of the Admissions Tutor for the programme to assess and approve direct entry applications to year 2 of the programme (or year 3 of a 4 year Advanced Initial degree programme). In exceptional circumstances an application for direct entry to the final year of an undergraduate degree programme can be considered, subject to the approval of the Admissions Tutor and the Matriculation Sub-Committee.

Direct entry is appropriate only for those seeking exemption at the point of application from a whole year/level of an undergraduate programme.

b. Applications for Credit Transfer of individual modules

Applicants should complete the standard application form for the programme (e.g. UCAS, On Track etc) and the Accreditation of Prior Learning: Credit Transfer form; enclosing relevant supporting evidence (usually a formal transcript and syllabus).

Applications for Credit Transfer may take up to 6 weeks to complete and the Admissions Office will notify the applicant of the outcome in writing.

3.2 Degree Classification

The marks of transferred credits from another UK Higher Education Institution will be recorded and used to calculate awards as appropriate (including the instances where applicants are exceptionally granted direct entry to the final year of an undergraduate programme).

The name of the previous Institution will also be recorded and will appear on the transcript.

Where an entire undergraduate year had been Recognised the following statement will appear on the transcript: “Credit exemption from the early stage of the programme of study has been granted, based on study elsewhere, a previous qualification or relevant work experience.”

For any Accreditation of credits less than an entire year the number of “Transferred-in Credits” and the mark will appear on the transcript.