Social Media & Networking

Residential Services Facebook pages allow you to; connect with people, allow for, and promote, online discussion, communication and provide the ability to share information quickly and easily.

Our students have used our Facebook pages to; swap tickets, borrow phone charges and communicate with Residential Services and fellow students for help and advice. We also want to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students so before joining our group we ask that you read and adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of use stated on our Facebook pages. If you use social networking sites from University computers / network you also have agreed to abide by the University's computing regulations.
  2. Take care when communicating to protect your personal information, how much information you divulge about yourself, posting personal information could potentially lead to unwanted attention and could contribute to identity fraud.
  3. Remember when using Social Networking sites not to post details which you would not want family members or a future employer to see.
  4. If you contribute comments about an identifiable individual, you should bear in mind that anyone anywhere will be able to see what you have posted, including that individual themselves.
  5. Do not make offensive or derogatory remarks about others, including fellow students, or members of staff, and do not post obscene or derogatory images. Remember you must not pursue these activities to the disadvantage of other students, staff, or the universities reputation. Please see our Dignity at Study and Work Policy for more information.
  6. All complaints should be dealt with through the appropriate channels.

Residence Facebook Groups

Hendrefoelan Student Village

Singleton Park Campus

Please click on your hall of residence, If your not sure which one it is, have a look at your Licence Agreement.

Caswell Cefn Bryn Horton
Kilvey  Langland Oxwich
Penmaen  Preseli Rhossili

Please click here to find information on our Social Media Policy!