Answers to your most common questions

FAQ's for each stage of the Accommodation Process

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1.    When do I apply for accommodation?

If you hold a firm or insurance offer, you can apply from 05 February.

2.    When will I hear where I will be living?

  • If you have an unconditional offer: late July.  
  • If you have a conditional offer: after your examination results - for most students this means late August after your A-level results.  
  • We will confirm your accommodation allocation when your place at Swansea is confirmed following your results when your offer becomes unconditional.
  • If you are an insurance or clearing student you will receive information in September.

3.    Am I guaranteed a place in residence?

Please see our Accommodation Guarantee.

4.    Am I guaranteed a place in my preferred residence?

We cannot guarantee you a place in a specific residence.  If you have a firm offer, we do our best to house you in either your first or second preference - but this is not always possible. Our en suite Campus Residences are always significantly over subscribed - if you put this as your first preference make sure you think carefully about your other choices.
5.    When should I arrive?

We send you an offer letter which will detail your designated arrival period and tell you where to collect your keys.

Preparing for Arrival provides complete information on arrivals and key collection.

6.    Can I bring my car?

If you are going to live in the Hendrefoelan Student Village or Beck House parking is available in these residences (for residents only).  There is no parking for residents or students on the Singleton Campus.  Students living in the Singleton Campus Residences are NOT able to bring cars. You do not need a car to get around Swansea - there is a frequent bus service from the main Campus and the Student Village to the City Centre and Gower.

7.    If I sign a contract for a university residence am I committed for the full year?

Yes, you have signed a legal contract that runs until the end of the academic year. You can only be released from your residence contract in one of the following circumstances:

  • You cease to be enrolled as a student at the University
  • There is another student not already in Uni who wishes to take over your room
  • If you develop a medical condition after the start of the contract that renders the accommodation unsuitable for you, and no alternative is available.  (You will need to supply evidence of this.)

If you are considering moving out of residence you are strongly advised to contact Residential Services before signing a contract with another landlord.

8.    What happens if I am not happy in my room?

  • If you want to change rooms within your current residence, or move to another residence, or are not happy in your accommodation for any reason then you should come to Residential Services and complete a transfer request form.  If the situation is more serious, you can request to talk to someone in private who will be able to listen and advise you.
  • Transfer requests cannot be submitted in the first week of session.  
  • When a suitable room is available, we will contact you by phone or email.  You will have an opportunity to look at the new room before deciding whether to move.
  • Sometimes it is possible for transfers to be done within a few days or a couple of weeks.  However you may have to wait several weeks, or even months, if no suitable rooms become vacant.

Communicating clearly

We’re passionate about providing clear information throughout the accommodation process.  We regularly update our website and communications following enquiries and feedback.  If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d really appreciate your feedback: Click here to give us your Communications Feedback