Support for Care Leavers

Support for Care Leavers

‌We assist Student Support Services' work with the Frank Buttle Trust.

  • Close links between the two departments ensure that care leavers are given assistance with their accommodation needs.
  • Where required, Care Leavers are provided with year-round accommodation.
  • Care Leavers will also be offered, where possible, a full choice from Residential Services extensive range of room categories.
  • This ensures that whether the need is for good value accommodation or a convenient location, Care Leavers will be offered the most suitable accommodation for their individual requirements.

Please note that in order to guarantee year round accommodation Residential Services may need to request that Care Leavers occasionally move room or residence.

Further Information

If you require any further information about the financial assistance available to you, you should make enquiries via The Money Advice & Support Office in Student Support Services.

To view general information about the accommodation provided by Residential Services please follow this link.

If you've got any questions about your accommodation, you can tweet us @ResidenServices

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