International Students

Find out about University Residences

It can be difficult for international students to visit University Residences so we've online resources to help.  

You may have no experience of life in the UK. It can be hard to adjust to sharing a home with people you don't know, particularly if you are from different cultural backgrounds. Compromise is important at times to live happily together.

Living in shared university accommodation does not suit everyone: there are certain rules and regulations to follow. 

Some students prefer to live in private housing and the University's own lettings agency, SAS Lettings can help you in your search if this is the option you choose.  Visit SAS' website.

Applying for University Residences

If you are coming to Swansea with the help of an agent, you may need to speak to them about your accommodation application, for more information please see our: Applying for Accommodation

Postgraduate students

Most of our rooms are for the academic year, which is 40 weeks, however as a postgraduate, your studies may last for a whole year.  We have a number of postgraduate rooms for 51 weeks to suit the length of your study.  

When you apply for accommodation, you'll be able to state your preferred option.  Please think carefully whether you need a 40 or 51 week room before applying - once you've moved in you'll be committed for the full length of your contract.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend your stay as we must prepare the rooms for new students arriving in September.

What to expect from University Residences

Rooms and kitchens in residences are fully furnished, find out what's included and what you'll need to bring with you.

Get information on collecting your key.

Accommodation Information

Tenancy Length 40 & 51 40, 47 & 51 47 & 51 40 & 51 47 & 51
Undergraduate or Postgraduate UG & PG UG & PG PG'S & FAMILIES UG & PG UG & PG
Distance to Singleton
Campus (Miles)
  2.5mi / 4km 1.5mi / 2.4km 0 1mi / 1.6km+
Distance to Bay
Campus (Miles)
Price Range Medium/High Lower Medium Medium/High  Lower
WiFi / Internet Access Yes Yes Yes Yes  Available** 
Telephone TBC Yes Yes Yes Available**
Standard or Ensuite Ensuite Standard Both Both  Both
Living Room / Communal Area Communal Kitchen Communal Kitchen Yes Yes Yes
Laundry Facilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
On Site Bar / Pub Yes Yes No Yes No
On Site Shop Yes Yes No (very close to shopping) Yes No (very close to shopping)
Quiet Living Areas Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Alcohol Free Areas Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Campus Security Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Welfare Wardens Yes Yes Yes Yes No

*Single Flats only

**You may arrange your own connection