Apply Online: Step by Step

Apply Online: Step by Step

Before you start

To apply for accommodation you will need to create an Accommodation Account, to do this you will need the following details:

  1. Your 6 digit university student number (e.g. 1234565) this can be found on your offer letter/email to study from admissions.
  2. Date of birth in the following format (dd/mm/yyyy).
  3. Main Email address please ensure that this will be active until after you plan on arriving. Avoid using a school account that you will not be able to access in the future.
  4. Parent / Guardian email address and contact details, we will be sending emails to this address at certain times of the year.
  5. Firm accommodation choices - don't apply in haste, research where you want to live first and on what Campus you will be studying.
  6. Be prepared to pay a reservation deposit once you are offered accommodation.

Once you know where you want to live, steps 1, 2 & 3 will guide you through creating an accommodation account and then submitting an application.

  1. ALL student can apply for accommodation:  Apply as soon as you have your student number.  Unconditional, Conditional, Insurance and students coming via Clearing can apply. 
  2. Apply yourself: You need to be aware of what is happening and what you need to do for university!
  3. Note ANY medical conditions: this includes anything that would have an effect on your accommodation.  You must tell us what is essential in your accommodation in this section and provide medical information, especially if you are a later applicant.  Do not wait until you receive your offer of accommodation as at this stage all of our accommodation may be full and we may not be able to offer any alternative accommodation.
    • If any adaptation or equipment is required we will require a report from a healthcare professional detailing what equipment is required 6 weeks prior to arrival.
    • This information is strictly confidential and only used by the person allocating your accommodation.
  4. Note any specific requirements: not any preference, such as; where you would like to be allocated, who you would like to be allocated with, we will only be able to consider this if both applicants have both noted the student number of the person they would like to be allocated with on the application.
  5. Think about all of the choices of accommodation available: Some accommodation is limited in availability especially if you have chosen the most popular. If you would like a specific hall we cannot guarantee this but we will certainly try to allocate you to your closest preference.
  6. Make sure you apply for the correct academic year of study otherwise your application could be missed. 
  7. Know when to accept the offer and when you need to pay your Reservation DepositThe Reservation Deposit for a single room is £325.00 for the Academic year 2016.

Now go to Step 1 before applying


Step 1.

STEP 1. Creating your Accommodation Account

  • To apply for accommodation you will first need to Register.
  • Click 'create an account' and then enter your Student Number, Surname & Date of Birth.
  • The Web page will look like this sample below:


SS - Create Accommodation Account

 Now go to Step 2 before applying


Step 2.

STEP 2. Confirming your email address:

In order to confirm your information, we will send you an email to your nominated account. You will then need to verify that you have received the email by clicking on the link within the email within 24 hours (as it expires!) to confirm the accommodation account to proceed.

Please add the following email address to your address book also known as 'safe sender' list in your email account.  This will ensure that emails are not rejected by your email host:

Before you click on the link to confirm your account, you can restart the create account at any time and enter a different email address.

  • Once YOU confirm your email address, you should now be able to log on and apply.

When Applying:

  • Make sure you click the correct tab alongside Academic Year, to apply for the correct year! The Tab that you have selected will turn blue.
  • Ensure you choose the correct Student Category.

Once logged in your Accommodation Account hub Page will look like this:

Academic Year

 Your Details

At the bottom of the 'Your Details' page, you will see Student Catagory, it is very important that you choose the correct Catagory to see the options available to you.

Student Category

 Please Note:

  • EXCHANGE/ Part-Year Course - For students studying at Swansea either from another university or planning on going to another University
  • UNCONDITIONAL (Offer to Study) - for Undergraduates not waiting on ANY results and have accepted a From offer to study
  • RETURNER/ CONTINUING Students - Have Studied at Swansea and wish to live in accommodation for another year.
  • CONDITIONAL(Offer to Study) - for Undergraduates waiting on results before you have a firm offer to study
  • SUMMER/ Vacation for Accommodation Only - This is for students studying in Swansea for the months of June to September only.
  • INSURANCE (Offer to Study) - Swansea is your 2nd choice university.
  • POSTGRAD / PhD Student - Studying for a Masters or a PhD.
  • Medical (Nurse, Midwife, Medic etc.,) - Students tend to be on a NON-standard start and end date due to an early start and late end dates.


   Now go to Step 3 before applying

Step 3.

STEP 3. Make your accommodation choices

  • Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email outlining your choices. Please keep this for future reference.  

Helpful Hints!

  1. Your Student Number is a 6 digit number (e.g. 800008) from Swansea University and can be found on your emails from admissions.
  2. Your Surname / Family name should be entered exactly as it is in any correspondence from Swansea University.
  3. Your date of birth should be entered in the following format: (dd/mm/yyyy).
  4. If you do not receive the confirmation code, you can start the process again and specify a different email address. This will not affect the email address specified for your offers. 
  5. If you are waiting on an email, don't forget to register: as a safe sender in your email account and check junk email.

You are now ready to apply for accommodation!


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