Apply Online: Step by Step

Please read steps 1 to 3 before applying

To Apply -  You will need the following to hand:

  1. Your student number (this can be found on your offer letter/email to study from admissions)
  2. Date of birth in the following format (dd/mm/yyyy)
  3. Main Email address (please ensure that this will be active until arrival)
  4. Parent / Guardian email address
  5. Firm accommodation choices 

 STEP 1. Creating an accommodation account
  • To apply for accommodation you MUST FIRST 'create an accommodation account'.  Below is an example of what the on-line application page looks like:

Create Accommodation Account

  • Complete the required information such as your student number, surname and date of birth
  • Write down the Username and Password as you will need this at a later date to check on the status of your application.


  • Make a note of your username and your password, which should be an easy one to remember, such as your pets name, favourite band etc.,
  • Some students use their student number as the username and date of birth as a password.

STEP 2. Confirming your email address

  • Once registered you will then receive an email to (the account specified) to confirm the accommodation account - you MUST complete this process to proceed
  • You may need to close your web pages in order to go back to the applying page (as some computer settings remember the last page visited). 
  • Please be advised that if you are using Hotmail or a Company Account, the confirmation email may go into the 'Junk Mail' folder. Please register as a safe sender!

STEP 3. Make your accommodation choices

Confrmation Email










  • You will also receive a confirmation email outlining your choices.  Please keep this email safe for future reference.‌

Click here to make an application for accommodation

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