Diploma Supplement Background Information

Diploma Supplement

Swansea University was one of the first institutions in the UK to provide its graduates with a Diploma Supplement, with the aim of significantly improving the immediate prosperity of our students in the field of employability across Europe.

The Diploma Supplement is a document, developed by the European Commission, the Council for Europe and UNESCO and elaborates on a student's degree certificate and transcript by listing students’ academic and other achievements aimed at potential employers. Its purpose is to facilitate the academic and professional recognition of qualifications across Europe and to improve international transparency. It provides a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies that were pursued and successfully completed by the student in question. It details the learning outcomes of the scheme undertaken by the student, which are segregated into specific fields. A full transcript of the marks acquired in each module over the entire period of study is also included as part of the Diploma Supplement.

The document is produced by national institutions in accordance with a template developed, tested and refined by the Joint European Commission - Council of Europe - UNESCO working party. For further information on the Diploma Supplement click here.

Students will find it increasingly useful to produce such a document for employers and higher education institutions when applying for posts or further study.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) Diploma Supplement

As a result of student and employer feedback, Swansea University has enhanced its Diploma Supplement and since July 2011, for undergraduate (first cycle) students, and September 2013, for postgraduate taught (second cycle) students, Swansea University issues a Higher Education Achievement Report (Diploma Supplement) to all students aiming for a Swansea Degree.

The Interim HEAR (Diploma Supplement)

The Interim HEAR (Diploma Supplement) will be a reference document throughout a student’s candidature. It will be the focus for discussions with tutors and some colleges will require students to refer to the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) while attending for mock interviews as part of their skills and employability modules, to help prepare students for the place of work. Tutors will refer in particular to HEAR (Diploma Supplement) when monitoring progress and advising students on module selection. Consequently the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) is a live document which students will be required to access throughout their student career. To access your interim HEAR (Diploma Supplement) you will need to register with Gradintel. Details on how to do this will be sent by email to your University account.

HEAR (Diploma Supplement)

The final version of the HEAR (Diploma Supplement)is issued electronically in English and is given automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation. To see a full example of a complete, filled in Diploma Supplement click here. The final version will include: details of the content of the degree programme including a transcript of the modules (highlighting any study periods abroad and any credit bearing industrial placements); students’ academic achievements including module marks and degree classification; a breakdown of the learning outcomes, including the skills and knowledge achieved through studying the particular degree programme; a list of any officially recognised awards issued in the university’s name; and details of any prizes awarded to students. The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) is therefore an extremely important and useful document for students in their quest for employment.

How has the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) been enhanced from the previous version awarded by Swansea University?

  1. It is now issued electronically through a secure system (Gradintel) and can be released and made available to potential employers, at the student’s discretion.
  2. As an electronic document, students now (provided they register with Gradintel) have access at a much earlier stage to the document it and can view it in its interim stages.
  3. Any additional information such as prizes awarded, credit bearing work placements or mobility periods is now recorded in the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) under Section 6.1 Additional Information or in the transcript.