Risk Assessment

All proposers are asked to fill in a Preliminary Risk Assessment form at the outset to assess the level of due diligence enquiries necessary on the partner institution and proposal. [4]

In addition, see below for examples of questions identified in Chapter B10 of the Quality Code as being necessary to ask and address when assessing the risks related to a proposed collaborative arrangement.

[4] In addition, see http://www.swansea.ac.uk/pspu/riskmanagement/ for the pre-risk assessment forms that need filling in for high risk projects.

Questions to ask Re Financial Risk

Does the College/University have the relevant disciplinary expertise to approve, monitor and, if necessary, deliver teaching, learning and assessment in the range of subject areas envisaged?

Does the College/University have the knowledge, experience and intellectual capital to underwrite the relevant awards?

Is Swansea University sure that both their financial management arrangements are strong enough to manage the risks effectively, and that the financial arrangements themselves do not jeopardise the integrity of the academic standards and quality of the provision or the interests of students?

Degree-awarding bodies have obligations to students admitted to programmes under their awarding authority (see Indicator 9). Therefore, has the financial standing of prospective delivery organisations or support providers been thoroughly considered?  Have the financial risks of working with them in a potentially volatile marketplace or commercial environment, including the costs of providing alternative teaching to complete the delivery of the programme if the arrangement fails, been adequately assessed?

Arrangements for delivering learning opportunities with others may be subject to statutory financial obligations in some foreign jurisdictions. These obligations may include payment of tax, guarantee bonds, or limits on level of fees and transfer of funds outside the country. Has this been looked into and have the arrangements been properly costed and accounted for accurately and fully (see Indicator 6)?

Degree-awarding bodies (and higher education providers without degree awarding powers arranging provision by a third party) that are subject to the financial regulations of public funding bodies must ensure that they are operating within any relevant requirements or limitations in respect of the use of publicly provided resources for the purpose of delivering learning opportunities with others. Has this been done?

Risk Register

As a matter of good practice Colleges are advised to develop a risk register for their proposed collaboration.  See website http://www.swansea.ac.uk/pspu/riskmanagement/ for advice on how to produce these.