Initial Collaboration

At the early stages of developing a relationship with a partner, you may be asked to sign some form of agreement before discussions regarding whatever activity you are interested in can commence.

A Declaration of Intent can be signed by the Heads of Colleges or any of the Pro-Vice Chancellors. The purpose of a ‘Declaration of Intent’ is not to commit the University to any specific actions but merely reflect the University's intention to cooperate and build amicable relationships with the proposed partner institution. This type of agreement is normally established for a three year period to allow appropriate time to develop further academic collaboration leading to teaching and research links or facilitation arrangements to admit students to Swansea University.

Once the agreement has been signed by the Head of College and the partner institution, please forward a copy to so that the relationship and agreement can be recorded centrally on the collaborative provision database in case of any future queries.  It also enables central oversight of collaborative activities in case more than one College is working on developing a relationship with the same partner.

The Head of College will usually be contacted on an annual basis to confirm the record of Agreements held centrally and to comment on whether there have been any developments that the Collaborative Partnerships Board need to be aware of in relation to this agreement.  The intention would be that  the Declaration of Intent will either lapse after the agreement period due to lack of interest/progress or will develop into a more substantive collaboration arrangement.