Swansea University

10. Assessment Regulations


All candidates must comply with the attendance and assessment requirements, which shall include submitting coursework by the deadlines set by the module leader, sitting examinations at the time and date stipulated by the University, and any other requirements as outlined in the College’s handbook.


The pass mark for modules shall normally be 40% for undergraduate students and 50% for postgraduate students. Credits will be awarded on the successful completion of a module.


Should an Associate Student fail a module, he/she shall normally be given one opportunity only and, normally, within the same academic year, to redeem the failure at the next appropriate opportunity. In accordance with the University’s practice, any attempt at redeeming the module shall be subject to the capping rules at all levels except Levels 3 and 4. In cases where students are prevented from re-sitting a module due to conditions of funding, this shall be made explicit to students by the College concerned.


The following University and College regulations, rules and procedures governing assessment, shall apply to Associate Students:

  • late submission of work
  • unfair practice
  • accuracy of published marks
  • special provision for assessment
  • examination regulations, including absence and conduct


The results of Associate Students shall be confirmed and verified by the College’s Examination Board and the appropriate Progression Board.

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