Swansea University

3. Entry Conditions


Candidates are admitted to the programme of study in accordance with the specific programme requirements and the general University regulations governing matriculation.  A candidate for the MBBCh award must hold one of the following qualifications prior to commencement of study:

  • An initial Bachelors degree of a 2(i) or first class honours standing from a UK University;
  • initial degree of a recognised European or overseas University already approved or subsequently by UK NARIC.


Prior to admission to the programme of study, the College must ensure that a candidate can communicate effectively in English, in both speech and writing.  TOEFL or IELTS tests (or the equivalent) are applicable and guidance can be obtained from the Admissions Office as regards the pass level appropriate to the programme of study that may be necessary to allow a candidate to proceed with their studies. 


Applicants shall also be required to satisfy the minimum requirements as stipulated by the General Medical Council which shall include a Criminal Record Bureau investigation and health check.  The College may give further consideration to applicants, on an ad hoc basis, who are unable to meet the minimum requirements in accordance with the published College procedures.


Candidates shall be required to become members of a medical defence organisation or other organisations deemed appropriate by the Programme Director.


Candidates shall be required to familiarise themselves with guidelines on behaviour, as published by the General Medical Council, and respect that guidance.