Swansea University

7. Time Limits


Maximum/Minimum Periods of Candidature shall be as follows:


Full-Time   Part-Time  Mixed Mode of Attendance 
Minimum  3 years for 3-yr programme  6 years  4 years for 3-yr programme 
  4 years for 4-yr programme  7 years  5 years for 4-yr programme 
Maximum  5 years for 3-yr programme  10 years  7 years for 3-yr programme 
  6 years for 4-yr programme  10 years  8 years for 4-yr programme 


The minimum and maximum periods of registration will normally be shorter for students admitted with transfer credit for previous study and/or experience.  The minimum and maximum period of registration for candidates admitted to the penultimate Level of Study (normally Level 5) are given below:

 Full-time Part-time 
Minimum  2 years  4 years 
Maximum  4 years  8 years 


All other cases will be considered on an individual basis.