Swansea University

2. Entry Conditions

This section should be read in conjunction with the University’s Guide to the Degree of Senior Doctorate.


A candidate for the degree of Senior Doctorate must either:

  1. be a graduate of the University of at least 10 years standing for undergraduate level, or of at least four years standing for Master’s level, or of at least two years standing for doctoral level; or
  2. be or have been a member of staff at Swansea University for a continuous period of at least three years on a full-time basis (or the part-time equivalent) and be a graduate of another University of at least ten years standing.


Prior to formal application, a list of published works, together with a statement of the applicant’s contribution to any multi-authored papers/collaborative work and documentation as outlined in paragraph 3.2 should be submitted to the relevant Head of College. The Head of College, College Associate Dean and an independent senior member of staff within the subject discipline shall meet to consider the application in-depth and decide whether it is of an appropriate standard to proceed to the formal application stage. The final decision as to whether an applicant should be admitted as a candidate for the degree shall rest with the Postgraduate Research Academic Board Executive Group Research or the Dean of the Postgraduate Research Academic Board and/or nominee. The decision will be based on the recommendations made by the relevant Head of College, College Associate Dean and independent senior member of staff within the subject discipline.


All candidates must matriculate before submission of work for examination in accordance with the general University regulations governing Matriculation.