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Personal Tutors for Students Pursuing Undergraduate Programmes

In accordance with the University’s Policy on Personal Tutors, all undergraduate students are allocated a Personal Tutor with whom they will come into contact with as members of teaching staff. Your Personal Tutor will provide you with academic guidance, support for student personal development and pastoral care with regard to your welfare. It is, therefore, most important that students keep in touch with their Personal Tutors. You can find out who your Personal Tutor is by accessing the University Intranet. If you have not been allocated a Personal Tutor please contact your Head of College.

In summary, the University expects a Personal Tutor to:

  • provide academic guidance, personal development and support for student pastoral welfare;
  • meet their tutees in the induction week of the first week of term and thereafter on at least three further occasions during the academic session;
  • Personal Tutors should recognise their own limitations and, in cases of doubt, should seek to refer students to specialist sources of advice and support;
  • The student-tutor relationship shall remain confidential subject to University Guidelines (e.g. Appendix 1 in the draft Guidelines for Staff Regarding Students with Mental Health Difficulties) and appropriate Acts of Parliament and the requirement of professional and statutory bodies;
  • Personal Tutors must not disclose information obtained from students to third parties without the prior consent of the student. Exceptions to this involve situations where it is considered that the student is in serious danger of harming others, committing self-harm or where disclosure is required by law.  In such cases, every effort should be made to gain the agreement of the student for such disclosure and for discussion with the Head of College.

In addition however, students should:

  • provide Personal Tutors with information about absences, performance and medical and other problems which might have the potential to influence academic progress, both at the start of their studies and during other times at University.  Tutees are strongly urged to do this to ensure that they receive appropriate support during their time spent at Swansea, and that such circumstances are drawn to the attention of tutors and, where appropriate, the College's Special Circumstances Committee;
  • attend all group and individual meetings with their Tutor and provide satisfactory explanations, in advance, in any instance of unavoidable absence;
  • maintain their own personal development planner and contribute to planning activities arranged within the tutorial;
  • Inform their Tutor if charged or cautioned with any criminal offence during their period of enrolment as a student.

During the course of your studies you may wish to pursue issues further with members of staff outside the College. In such cases you would be expected to contact staff in the Academic Registry, Student Support Services or other administrative departments who might be able to assist you.

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