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Module Selection

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If you are pursuing a modular programme you will select your optional modules at the start of your programme.  Some students may find that they are not able to pursue optional modules and are advised to speak to their Programme Directors.  Compulsory modules are normally automatically recorded, but details of all modules must be formally recorded once they have been chosen and approved.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you select modules in accordance with the rules as set by the College and included in the College Handbook. 

If you are a returning student you will be required by your College(s) to pre-select your optional modules for the next Level of Study at the end of the academic year.  If you change your mind and would prefer to select other modules you will be given an opportunity to amend your module profile at the beginning of the academic session.  However, you will be permitted to transfer modules and/or programmes as long as the transfers are approved and put into effect within the permitted time-scale.

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