Swansea University

Supervision Policy for Postgraduate Taught Masters Students

2. Selecting a Topic


Colleges, collectively or through a designated individual (e.g. the Programme Director), should ensure that the topics are appropriate for a Postgraduate Taught Masters research related degree programme.  It is expected that the topic would normally be agreed before the completion of Part One for students on standard masters programmes, and as specified by the College for students on extended and flexible programmes.  Topics should be recorded on the Record of Supervision sheet (see 5.1).


The proposal should lie within the broad field of expertise of the Supervisor(s).


The subject should be identified following discussion between the student and the supervisor(s) and should be approved centrally by the College.  Where possible, topics should be so designed that more than one member of staff may assist the student.  The names of staff suitably qualified should be conveyed to the student.


Candidates on 'standard' programmes may begin preparatory work on their directed independent learning during Part One of the programme but will only be permitted to submit their work following successful completion of Part One.  Candidates on 'extended' or 'flexible' programmes will be invited to begin preparatory work on their directed independent learning, as instrcuted by the College.