Swansea University

1. Responsibility


Colleges must provide advice and guidance to the student with the aim of facilitating the production of directed independent learning of the requisite standard for a Taught Master's degree.  The work shall be the candidate's own, (the content shall be the responsibility of the student), albeit achieved with the benefit of advice and guidance from the supervisor.


Supervisors should exercise great care in the comments made to candidates regarding the final outcome of the degree to which the directed independent learning will contribute i.e. Supervisors should not attempt to predict that the student will pass with merit/distinction.


Full-time students are required to be in attendance at the University for the whole programme, unless the programme incorporates periods of study/research away from Swansea, and must be available for supervision when undertaking the directed independent learning.  Students undertaking research away from the University or leaving Swansea for personal reasons must request an authorisation of absence from the Head of College or their delegate.  Students who are absent without authorisation may be withdrawn from the University in accordance with the Attendance Monitoring Policy for Taught Students.