Swansea University

1. Attendance Statement


The University requires students to be present and available to attend any scheduled learning session throughout Semesters 1 and 2  (and Semester 3 in the case of postgraduate taught students and research students) and inclusive of all scheduled weeks within terms and semesters (including Assessment, Feedback and Employability weeks).


The University expects students to attend all scheduled learning sessions associated with each module or programme of research which they have elected to pursue.


A scheduled learning session includes but is not limited to lectures, seminars, practical classes, example classes, tutorials, examinations, supervisory meetings, industrial placements, field trips or other activities which students are expected to attend.


The University requires students to adhere to any additional College requirements identified in College Attendance Policies.


The University requires students to comply with any additional attendance monitoring requirements which may be put in place to enable the University to comply with external agencies (e.g. government and funding agencies).