Swansea University

6. Work Placements, Study Abroad and Collaborative Programmes

delivered away from any Swansea University campus


Students studying away from any Swansea University campus, including those on study abroad and work placements, or on Collaborative Programmes delivered at another institution shall also be required to adhere to the attendance monitoring policy.


Students studying away from any Swansea University campus on study abroad or industrial/work/study placements shall be monitored on a monthly basis.  Such students will be required to make contact with their College once a month to confirm their continued engagement with their programme. The onus shall be on the student to make contact with the College. Colleges will be responsible for informing students of this requirement and the process for making contact.


The following are examples of appropriate engagements for monitoring attendance for students on study abroad and work placements: 

  • Contact between the student and the College/School academic coordinator or other designated staff member.  This could be via Skype, telephone call or email.
  • Confirmation of student attendance from an appropriate designated representative of the host University for Study Abroad students or a company representative for students on work placements.
  • Data from the host University’s attendance records.
  • Some programmes, also need additional evidence.


Students who fail to comply with the requirements of their programme or whose attendance is unsatisfactory will be considered by the College and appropriate action will be taken.

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