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2. Key Principles


This attendance monitoring policy will apply to ALL taught students enrolled on an academic programme at Swansea University.


The University expects students to attend all scheduled learning sessions associated with each module or programme of research which they have elected to pursue, as per the University Statement of Attendance.


The formal attendance monitoring process for non-Tier 4 students is based on two-week intervals that are published on the University's web site. Where there are an odd number of teaching weeks in a semester the final week will not be included in the escalation process. Similarly, in Semester 2, the final two weeks (if there are an even number of teaching weeks) or the final one week (if there are an odd number of teaching weeks) of teaching for the academic year are excluded from the escalation process for non-Tier 4 students (recognising that teaching often transitions to  support/revision sessions at this stage). However, students are still expected to register their attendance by scanning their student card at events. 


For Tier 4 students the attendance monitoring process outlined above in 2.3 will apply but attendance will be monitored on a weekly basis, and will be discharged by the International Student Compliance Unit as detailed in the University’s Attendance Monitoring Policy for Tier 4 Sponsored Students.


Subject to 2.14 and 10 below, attendance monitoring is supportive and not punitive. This means that colleges may contact students about their attendance, and offer to help and/or encourage them to attend even if they have met the University’s formal attendance threshold.


The attendance of students on taught programmes on the Bay and Singleton campuses will be monitored by means of a chip-enabled “swipe card” and by face-to-face meetings, academic and personal tutorials/supervisory meetings.  In some cases, (for example, off-campus teaching or periods of study away from the campus) attendance will be monitored in other ways.


For events where attendance is monitored by swipe card, a student will only be considered to have been in attendance if their card is scanned against the readers located in each teaching room.


A student is required to scan using their own card only. Although attendance monitoring is supportive and not punitive, if a student scans using someone else’s student card this will be considered a very serious disciplinary offence on the part of the student who scanned the card and the card holder.  Disciplinary action will be taken against students found to have fraudulently recorded their own or other students' attendance.  This could lead to a student being required to withdraw from the University.  Colleges regularly - and randomly - audit attendance.  Where a student is enrolled on a course leading directly (or partially) to a professional qualification or the right to practise a particular profession or calling, they may be referred under the Fitness to Practise procedures.


Attendance will only be considered when it is capable of being monitored.  If, for example, a card reader is missing or not working, then this will not count against a student’s attendance.  Similarly if events are cancelled, by removal from the timetable, then attendance will not be monitored.


Students are responsible for remembering their card and for replacing any lost or damaged cards as soon as possible.


All notifications required by these regulations shall be sent in the first instance to the student's official University e-mail address and in some circumstances the student’s recorded term-time address and home address unless the student has notified both Academic Services and the College in writing that an alternative address should be used.


Attendance will be monitored by a student’s home College/School starting from the first teaching week of any given intake.  


Colleges/Schools will inform students of their attendance procedures and requirements.


The University will take action against a student whose attendance does not conform to the escalation process and in extreme cases may require a student to withdraw.


Some courses have higher specific attendance requirements because of professional requirements.  Colleges should inform students, as part of the course information, if there are any specific additional attendance requirements.


Students studying away from any Swansea University campus, including those on study abroad and industrial placements, shall also be required to adhere to the attendance monitoring policy.  Such students will be monitored on a monthly basis (see section 6).


Students pursuing programmes delivered via short intensive periods of study shall be monitored during the intensive study weeks.  


Attendance reports shall be monitored and reviewed by the College.

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