Swansea University

6. Taught Master's Directed Independent Learning and Research Theses - Initial Stages

Academic Misconduct in Work Completed in Taught Master's Directed Independent Learning and Research Degree Theses - Initial Stages


If after formal submission, a Supervisor/Examiner considers, or suspects, that academic misconduct has occurred in relation to the directed independent learning for a taught master's programme or a research degree thesis he/she shall report the matter in writing to the College's Academic Integrity Officer as soon as possible.  In cases where academic misconduct is identified during the Viva, the Examination Board should be suspended and the College informed.

The member of staff (or his/her colleague) may require the student to attend an academic integrity viva to test the student’s knowledge of the work submitted before reporting the matter to the First College Academic Integrity Officer, in accordance with 3.1 above. 


The College's Academic Integrity Officer shall first decide whether there is a prima facie case for treating the matter as a case of academic misconduct by referring to documentation/evidence. The College's Academic Integrity Officer should inform the student concerned of the suspected case of academic misconduct and shall inform the Director of Academic Integrity, in writing, who shall confirm whether a prima facie case exists. The Director of Academic Integrity should confirm either that;

  1. a case exists and inform the College Academic Integrity Officer and the Director of Academic Services that a Committee of Enquiry should be convened; or
  2. that no case exists and that no further action should be taken.

In some cases the Director of Academic Integrity may decide that poor referencing has occurred. In such instances the student should be referred to their Tutor and/or Subject Librarian for advice and guidance on referencing. Once they have met with their Tutor and/or Subject Librarian, students should be asked to sign a statement confirming that they have received advice and understand referencing conventions.


If a case exists, the candidate shall be informed in writing by the Director of Academic Services of the allegation and that a Committee of Enquiry will be constituted to consider the case.