Swansea University

16. Action after an Award has been Bestowed

Action to be taken following the Committee of Enquiry in cases occurring after an Award has been bestowed


When the Committee of Enquiry has investigated the facts of the alleged academic misconduct the Secretary shall in his/her report state whether or not the allegation has been substantiated and shall state any penalty to be imposed. The report shall be submitted to Senate as soon as possible after the Enquiry has been completed.


The student shall be informed of the outcome of the hearing.


The candidate shall be informed that there is no right of appeal/final review against the decision, however, where a candidate feels that there have been irregularities in the conduct of the procedures they shall have 14 working days in which to inform Academic Services. If it is found that irregularities have occurred; the case shall be referred to a new Committee of Enquiry.


Normally, the University would not make any public pronouncements of decisions of Committees of Enquiry. However, the University will maintain a record of all cases, which will be available to the public on request.

In investigating allegations of academic misconduct, the Director of Academic Integrity, on behalf of the University, reserves the right to consult with other Universities or organisations, where appropriate.


The final outcome of the case shall be reported to Senate, together with any recommendation for further action, such as deprivation or revocation of a qualification, if warranted as well as details of any subsequent action e.g. investigations into irregularities in the conduct of the procedures. Senate shall make a determination in the case including a decision to deprive a person of a qualification or to revoke a qualification if warranted.