Swansea University

14. Penalties - Taught Master's Directed Independent Learning and Research Degrees

Penalties available to the Committee in cases of Academic Misconduct in Research degrees (including the Directed Independent Learning for Taught Masters degrees)


The Committee shall consult the Code of Practice on Academic Misconduct, the case history and the candidate's academic record before imposing a penalty. In order to ensure consistency in the application of penalties the University provides guidance on penalties in the Code of Practice on Academic Misconduct. However, the Committee may also wish to take into consideration any mitigating circumstances. The Committee should be convinced that the mitigating circumstances have a direct bearing on the case, and, in particular, had influenced the action of the student(s) concerned. The full list of penalties available to the Committee of Enquiry shall be:


the issue of a formal reprimand to the candidate;


the candidate be awarded a decision of Fail, with a right of resubmission;


the candidate be awarded a decision of Fail, with no right of resubmission;


In the event of a Committee deciding that the above penalties are inappropriate, the Committee may use its discretion to decide upon an appropriate penalty.

Where an allegation has been substantiated and this may affect the candidate's fitness to practise in a particular profession, the case may also be referred to the Head of College or nominee in accordance with the University’s Fitness to Practise Regulations.

Retrieval and Capping

The decision whether to allow a student to retake work/assessment(s) shall be taken by the relevant Examination Board, in accordance with the assessment regulations for the programme.

The penalty shall be recorded on the student's central record.